Jumat, 04 September 2009


just a piece of stuff i made when i was in a deep deep boredom

"oh my feet won't touch the ground
when i see you're comin around
please don't bring me down
won't you stay here with me safe and sound?"

hahha please don't think of me as a very "blue" person after you read that.

never mind

when i had a bad day,no matter what the reason was,i always wanted to go home.and today,i was having a really really bad day,and thank God, i was finally at home.not really at my house,but i mean with my friends.with my really really good friends,who i feel comfortable with.i don't need to talk about my problem,but they already make me forget about it.they really are my people.my favorites.and thanks to God,finally at the end of the day,i feel much happier than i've felt today.