Rabu, 07 September 2011


You have so much history, you have way too much history. And i can't compete with that.

I know that there's not gonna be me in your future, and i can't compete with your history either, so please just appreciate what you have now. Because just like a chocolate bar, we have an expiration date.

Jumat, 02 September 2011


"Tuhan mengajarkan arti cinta dalam agama yang berbeda" -Menuk (Tanda Tanya)

Minggu, 24 Juli 2011


Everything has an end. except maybe for everything that's round.
so dont worry, when something bad happens to you, it will come to an end. well, eventually.
while waiting for its end is the hardest part.
on second thought, it is not the hardest part.
the hardest part is when something good happens to you while you know that eventually it will come to an end.
Now, that is the hardest part..