Minggu, 26 September 2010

You don't talk much, I like you

Call me pathetic, but I really wanna be like Carl and Ellie

it's all started when they were kids

and then the puppy love starts to grow

then like any other couples in love will do, they got married

the fairytale continues..

until their hair turns into white

people say that age doesnt really matter when it comes into love. but yes, it does.

Ellie leaves the world first, so that Carl's alone now

but their simple life will always be the adventure that Carl won't forget

10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you talk to me and the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car.
I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme.
I hate it... I hate the way you're always right.
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call.
But mostly, I hate the way I don't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

~Well, it's taken from one of my favourite movies, Ten Things I Hate About You. I've watched this movie zillion times, but I never get bored of it.

Comfort Zone

Now i know why baby cries when he borns. It's because he already feels comfort in his mommy's tummy. It's his comfort zone. He doesn't wanna come out to the unknown strange world. Since the world he's been living is ah-mazing, he doesn't have to do anything but he's already be loved. Who doesn't wanna stay in that kind of world? While the other world that's waiting for his presence is the cruel cruel one. He has to fight for his existence in that new world. The new world is full of stranger, the unfamiliar faces that he can't rely on. So that is why he cries. He cries because he's pushed to come out of his comfort zone and fight in the new world.

And that's just what's happening to me now. It's not that i dont like my new world, it's fun and i'm so excited to see what's coming next in my life. But the previous world is just so cozy and comfortable, so that i still miss it over and over again. I will always pick my hometown rather than the new place. Cause my hometown is full of familiar faces that i will always miss.

But now i know that is just a matter of time to be comfort in this new place i'm in. Because even babies can do it, then so can I.

Minggu, 19 September 2010

That's What Friends Are For

A few months ago while i was in highschool, it was my senior year. and i was so worried about college stuffs. i really wanted to study in University of Indonesia. it had been my dream for so long. it was after SIMAK. i applied for faculty of medicine in UI, but it wasn't my luck, i didn't get in. i got rejected. i was so down when i heard the news. i cried and i became doubtful about my dream. i thought that getting in to that university was far away from my ability.

But then my friends and my teacher supported me. i became a hard-worker. i studied all the time. there was no time for having fun while i was trying to reach my dream. and then, two of my good friends, Faradina Alifia Maizar and Raihan Arlan, they took me to Ratu Plaza. they wanted to buy some dvds, and they asked me to came along too. so there i went, for that one day, i tried to have some fun with my friends.

Turned out that they have a favorite dvd store. the sellers there, they already knew them. cause Raihan and Dina oftenly come to that store and buy bunch of dvds. so when i went there, i was surprised that the sellers welcomed us very warmly. then they (the sellers and Raihan and Dina) talked about some stuffs. i was quiet all the time. and then, one seller, asked "Ini kalian bertiga pada masuk mana kuliahnya?" i didn't answer that question. oh, Dina got in to faculty of economy University of Indonesia through SIMAK, and Raihan also got in to faculty of medicine in UI. they both got in to UI through SIMAK. but i didn't.

Then Dina answered "masuk UI." then the seller "oooh! hebat hebat! ini yg cowok masuk UI juga?" "iyaa." and then the seller asked again "kalo ini yang satu lagi?" i knew that she was talking about me, but the minute i was trying to answer that question, Dina answered "dia masuk UI juga"

I didn't say anything again after that. i dont know why, maybe i was so sensitive back then, but i felt touched by what she did to me. remember, i was so down when it happened, i was questioning my ability to get accepted in UI. so, every support that i get from anyone would mean a lot to me.

Well, i had been studying everyday until it was the time for UMB test. it was my second chance to get in to UI. i got the confidence back cause i studied very hard. but when the announcement day came, again i got a bad news. i didnt got in. i was rejected again. you could never know how down i was back then. also knowing that SNMPTN would be held a week from then, and it was my last chance and i hadnt prepared anything for that test.

I lost my spirit to study again, but then thanks to my friends, and also my teacher, they supported me. Raihan and Dina, they sent me messages via bbm, the text showed how much they supported me. i was gonna post in here in my blog, but then i decided to keep it personal. but after i read that texts, i started to study again.

And then, finally, good news! i got in to UI! and that was not just because of me, it was all because of the people behind me that keep supporting me when i was so doubtful about myself. so all i want to say is thank you, thank you for believing me. you guys have seen my best while i was at my worst. and for that, i owe you big time. so once again, thank you!

Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

Sapta Garuda Adhikara

itu adalah nama angkatan gue pas SMA. artinya kalo ga salah ya, burung garuda ketujuh yang menguasai langit. hari ini ulangtahun Saptraka ketiga, sedihnya kita semua udah pisah-pisah, mengejar cita-cita untuk benar-benar bisa menguasai langit (seperti namanya).

"Kacang Garuda...." "Adhikaraaa!"

"Sapta Garuda........" "Adhikaraaaa!"

Jumat, 30 Juli 2010


A home is a home,
when you think about it all day in a very very bad day
A home is a home,
when you wanna get out of it on your holiday
A home is a home,
when you can see people who annoy you so much
but you know you can't live without em
A home is a home,
when it's the first place you wanna be when someone make you sad
A home is a home,
and you don't need the big one to suit yourself,
cause wherever your family and friends around,
then you're at home.

Bye bye

Wah udah lama banget ga nulis blog. skrg baru kepikiran buat nulis lagi. beberapa bulan ini adalah bulan-bulan yang sangat padat dan juga sangat penuh cerita. yaa,karena itu adalah bulan-bulan terakhir SMA. ada banyak yang harus dilakukan soalnya, UAN, wisuda, prom, dan yang paling banyak menyita waktu, perhatian, tenaga, dan air mata yaaa perjuangan buat masuk ptn. tes demi tes dilakukan, pengumuman demi pengumuman ditunggu, sampai akhirnya keterima juga alhamdulillah.

Besok udah hari pertama kuliah buat gue, dan sejujurnya sangatlah tidak siap dan sangatlah malas. kenapa setiap gue udah merasa nyaman dengan suatu lingkungan, malah harus pindah dan mulai dari awal lagi? yaa namanya juga nasib deh. tapi sejujurnya gue belom merasakan feel mau kuliah, apalagi ngekos, karena gue akan ngekos juga. rasanya kayak masih sekolah aja. bangun pagi mepet-mepet, pake seragam, abis itu ketemu temen-temen yang udah dikenal. hmm tapi ya harus berusaha adaptasi lagi, mau ga mau.

Dan satu hal yang sangat berat untuk ditinggalkan adalah teman-teman. huhuhu sedih banget inget sebentar lagi akan pisah-pisah, dan emang udah ada yang pergi ke luar negri dan ke luar kota. raras, tetangga baik gue yang selalu bersedia memberikan tebengan mobil dan ngajarin berenang, udah ke bandung. dan sebentar lagi, tissa, teman menyebalkan yang sebenarnya kusayang (haha) mau ke jogja. dan ada banyak lagi temen-temen yang harus diucapkan salam perpisahan.

Sebenernya ga tau tujuan dari nulis post ini apa, cuma pengen berbagi cerita tentang perpisahan yang sbntr lagi terjadi. tapi ya udahlah ga usah terlalu dipikirin. friendship isn't about being unseparatable, but it's about being separate and nothing's changed.

Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

A Metamorphosis

A metamorphosis can be for better or for worse. like a butterfly, they turn good. from a dirty disgusting worm that every girl says eeeauuw everytime they see it, into a beautiful creature that every girl thinks it is a symbol of something nice and romantic. or maybe like Britney Spears. from a girl next-door, a non-stop mega hit singer, an adorable teenager that happened to be me and my sister's idol, into someone like her now. her career has come to an end,i suppose, or maybe just not as bright as hers at that time. so i guess it is for worse in Britney's case. and that happened since K-Fed came in to her life. isn't it obvious that boys are one of other reasons that can change a girl's life, but oftenly it is for worse.

this is Britney that i like

and this? it's like her anti-Britney

do i sound feminist?haa well i'm not.i just want to write about my thoughts, and it's about changes. everyone will change, won't them? and therefore, we should all be prepared. be prepared to face the changes in life. because like some random quote i know, one thing that stays forever is changes. i do change too, i can't tell it specifically but generally i change.

so if we don't know whether the changes that's going on in our life is for better or for worse, how do we know the way to make a good choice? well i guess we just don't know. we just have to do it, because change is natural, it happens all the time. so don't afraid to make a decision. because life will still go on, just get ready to face it.

Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Who Says That TV Can't Teach You?

That's right. even from a tv programme, you can always learn a lesson. take me for an example. until last year, i didn't know what i wanted to be. i mean, of course i wanna be a successfull person later, with great family too. but i had no idea what kind of job i wanted. then i watched grey's anatomy (a tv show about the doctors's life in a hospital). it made me want to be a doctor, which i never thought about it before. well, it is just an example.

Another example is American Idol. i always love this show. if you are the kind of person who thinks that this show is crap or an equation to junkfood, well you're wrong. this, i can guarantee, because i take a lesson from this show. a very good one, i suppose.

do you know the audition part in American Idol? that is it. from that part, i see a lot o people, and i mean a loooooaaadddd, who's willing to give everything, not just anything, but everything, to chase their dreams. they'd die for it. even a person with a really bad bad voice, he dares to hummilliate himself in front of the judges, and in front of million people too. just to chase that little tiny chance to get his actual dream.

so when i watch it, i realise that you have to chase your dream, even with a very very tiny chance that you will get it. never say you can't do something before you try it. because you never know your own ability to do something new. maybe you're born to do it. well, who knows right? so you better shout it out loud, that even if i'm a geek, i dare to dream big!