Minggu, 19 September 2010

That's What Friends Are For

A few months ago while i was in highschool, it was my senior year. and i was so worried about college stuffs. i really wanted to study in University of Indonesia. it had been my dream for so long. it was after SIMAK. i applied for faculty of medicine in UI, but it wasn't my luck, i didn't get in. i got rejected. i was so down when i heard the news. i cried and i became doubtful about my dream. i thought that getting in to that university was far away from my ability.

But then my friends and my teacher supported me. i became a hard-worker. i studied all the time. there was no time for having fun while i was trying to reach my dream. and then, two of my good friends, Faradina Alifia Maizar and Raihan Arlan, they took me to Ratu Plaza. they wanted to buy some dvds, and they asked me to came along too. so there i went, for that one day, i tried to have some fun with my friends.

Turned out that they have a favorite dvd store. the sellers there, they already knew them. cause Raihan and Dina oftenly come to that store and buy bunch of dvds. so when i went there, i was surprised that the sellers welcomed us very warmly. then they (the sellers and Raihan and Dina) talked about some stuffs. i was quiet all the time. and then, one seller, asked "Ini kalian bertiga pada masuk mana kuliahnya?" i didn't answer that question. oh, Dina got in to faculty of economy University of Indonesia through SIMAK, and Raihan also got in to faculty of medicine in UI. they both got in to UI through SIMAK. but i didn't.

Then Dina answered "masuk UI." then the seller "oooh! hebat hebat! ini yg cowok masuk UI juga?" "iyaa." and then the seller asked again "kalo ini yang satu lagi?" i knew that she was talking about me, but the minute i was trying to answer that question, Dina answered "dia masuk UI juga"

I didn't say anything again after that. i dont know why, maybe i was so sensitive back then, but i felt touched by what she did to me. remember, i was so down when it happened, i was questioning my ability to get accepted in UI. so, every support that i get from anyone would mean a lot to me.

Well, i had been studying everyday until it was the time for UMB test. it was my second chance to get in to UI. i got the confidence back cause i studied very hard. but when the announcement day came, again i got a bad news. i didnt got in. i was rejected again. you could never know how down i was back then. also knowing that SNMPTN would be held a week from then, and it was my last chance and i hadnt prepared anything for that test.

I lost my spirit to study again, but then thanks to my friends, and also my teacher, they supported me. Raihan and Dina, they sent me messages via bbm, the text showed how much they supported me. i was gonna post in here in my blog, but then i decided to keep it personal. but after i read that texts, i started to study again.

And then, finally, good news! i got in to UI! and that was not just because of me, it was all because of the people behind me that keep supporting me when i was so doubtful about myself. so all i want to say is thank you, thank you for believing me. you guys have seen my best while i was at my worst. and for that, i owe you big time. so once again, thank you!

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