Minggu, 26 September 2010

Comfort Zone

Now i know why baby cries when he borns. It's because he already feels comfort in his mommy's tummy. It's his comfort zone. He doesn't wanna come out to the unknown strange world. Since the world he's been living is ah-mazing, he doesn't have to do anything but he's already be loved. Who doesn't wanna stay in that kind of world? While the other world that's waiting for his presence is the cruel cruel one. He has to fight for his existence in that new world. The new world is full of stranger, the unfamiliar faces that he can't rely on. So that is why he cries. He cries because he's pushed to come out of his comfort zone and fight in the new world.

And that's just what's happening to me now. It's not that i dont like my new world, it's fun and i'm so excited to see what's coming next in my life. But the previous world is just so cozy and comfortable, so that i still miss it over and over again. I will always pick my hometown rather than the new place. Cause my hometown is full of familiar faces that i will always miss.

But now i know that is just a matter of time to be comfort in this new place i'm in. Because even babies can do it, then so can I.

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