Rabu, 07 September 2011


You have so much history, you have way too much history. And i can't compete with that.

I know that there's not gonna be me in your future, and i can't compete with your history either, so please just appreciate what you have now. Because just like a chocolate bar, we have an expiration date.

Jumat, 02 September 2011


"Tuhan mengajarkan arti cinta dalam agama yang berbeda" -Menuk (Tanda Tanya)

Minggu, 24 Juli 2011


Everything has an end. except maybe for everything that's round.
so dont worry, when something bad happens to you, it will come to an end. well, eventually.
while waiting for its end is the hardest part.
on second thought, it is not the hardest part.
the hardest part is when something good happens to you while you know that eventually it will come to an end.
Now, that is the hardest part..

Minggu, 26 September 2010

You don't talk much, I like you

Call me pathetic, but I really wanna be like Carl and Ellie

it's all started when they were kids

and then the puppy love starts to grow

then like any other couples in love will do, they got married

the fairytale continues..

until their hair turns into white

people say that age doesnt really matter when it comes into love. but yes, it does.

Ellie leaves the world first, so that Carl's alone now

but their simple life will always be the adventure that Carl won't forget

10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you talk to me and the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car.
I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme.
I hate it... I hate the way you're always right.
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call.
But mostly, I hate the way I don't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

~Well, it's taken from one of my favourite movies, Ten Things I Hate About You. I've watched this movie zillion times, but I never get bored of it.

Comfort Zone

Now i know why baby cries when he borns. It's because he already feels comfort in his mommy's tummy. It's his comfort zone. He doesn't wanna come out to the unknown strange world. Since the world he's been living is ah-mazing, he doesn't have to do anything but he's already be loved. Who doesn't wanna stay in that kind of world? While the other world that's waiting for his presence is the cruel cruel one. He has to fight for his existence in that new world. The new world is full of stranger, the unfamiliar faces that he can't rely on. So that is why he cries. He cries because he's pushed to come out of his comfort zone and fight in the new world.

And that's just what's happening to me now. It's not that i dont like my new world, it's fun and i'm so excited to see what's coming next in my life. But the previous world is just so cozy and comfortable, so that i still miss it over and over again. I will always pick my hometown rather than the new place. Cause my hometown is full of familiar faces that i will always miss.

But now i know that is just a matter of time to be comfort in this new place i'm in. Because even babies can do it, then so can I.

Minggu, 19 September 2010

That's What Friends Are For

A few months ago while i was in highschool, it was my senior year. and i was so worried about college stuffs. i really wanted to study in University of Indonesia. it had been my dream for so long. it was after SIMAK. i applied for faculty of medicine in UI, but it wasn't my luck, i didn't get in. i got rejected. i was so down when i heard the news. i cried and i became doubtful about my dream. i thought that getting in to that university was far away from my ability.

But then my friends and my teacher supported me. i became a hard-worker. i studied all the time. there was no time for having fun while i was trying to reach my dream. and then, two of my good friends, Faradina Alifia Maizar and Raihan Arlan, they took me to Ratu Plaza. they wanted to buy some dvds, and they asked me to came along too. so there i went, for that one day, i tried to have some fun with my friends.

Turned out that they have a favorite dvd store. the sellers there, they already knew them. cause Raihan and Dina oftenly come to that store and buy bunch of dvds. so when i went there, i was surprised that the sellers welcomed us very warmly. then they (the sellers and Raihan and Dina) talked about some stuffs. i was quiet all the time. and then, one seller, asked "Ini kalian bertiga pada masuk mana kuliahnya?" i didn't answer that question. oh, Dina got in to faculty of economy University of Indonesia through SIMAK, and Raihan also got in to faculty of medicine in UI. they both got in to UI through SIMAK. but i didn't.

Then Dina answered "masuk UI." then the seller "oooh! hebat hebat! ini yg cowok masuk UI juga?" "iyaa." and then the seller asked again "kalo ini yang satu lagi?" i knew that she was talking about me, but the minute i was trying to answer that question, Dina answered "dia masuk UI juga"

I didn't say anything again after that. i dont know why, maybe i was so sensitive back then, but i felt touched by what she did to me. remember, i was so down when it happened, i was questioning my ability to get accepted in UI. so, every support that i get from anyone would mean a lot to me.

Well, i had been studying everyday until it was the time for UMB test. it was my second chance to get in to UI. i got the confidence back cause i studied very hard. but when the announcement day came, again i got a bad news. i didnt got in. i was rejected again. you could never know how down i was back then. also knowing that SNMPTN would be held a week from then, and it was my last chance and i hadnt prepared anything for that test.

I lost my spirit to study again, but then thanks to my friends, and also my teacher, they supported me. Raihan and Dina, they sent me messages via bbm, the text showed how much they supported me. i was gonna post in here in my blog, but then i decided to keep it personal. but after i read that texts, i started to study again.

And then, finally, good news! i got in to UI! and that was not just because of me, it was all because of the people behind me that keep supporting me when i was so doubtful about myself. so all i want to say is thank you, thank you for believing me. you guys have seen my best while i was at my worst. and for that, i owe you big time. so once again, thank you!

Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

Sapta Garuda Adhikara

itu adalah nama angkatan gue pas SMA. artinya kalo ga salah ya, burung garuda ketujuh yang menguasai langit. hari ini ulangtahun Saptraka ketiga, sedihnya kita semua udah pisah-pisah, mengejar cita-cita untuk benar-benar bisa menguasai langit (seperti namanya).

"Kacang Garuda...." "Adhikaraaa!"

"Sapta Garuda........" "Adhikaraaaa!"

Jumat, 30 Juli 2010


A home is a home,
when you think about it all day in a very very bad day
A home is a home,
when you wanna get out of it on your holiday
A home is a home,
when you can see people who annoy you so much
but you know you can't live without em
A home is a home,
when it's the first place you wanna be when someone make you sad
A home is a home,
and you don't need the big one to suit yourself,
cause wherever your family and friends around,
then you're at home.

Bye bye

Wah udah lama banget ga nulis blog. skrg baru kepikiran buat nulis lagi. beberapa bulan ini adalah bulan-bulan yang sangat padat dan juga sangat penuh cerita. yaa,karena itu adalah bulan-bulan terakhir SMA. ada banyak yang harus dilakukan soalnya, UAN, wisuda, prom, dan yang paling banyak menyita waktu, perhatian, tenaga, dan air mata yaaa perjuangan buat masuk ptn. tes demi tes dilakukan, pengumuman demi pengumuman ditunggu, sampai akhirnya keterima juga alhamdulillah.

Besok udah hari pertama kuliah buat gue, dan sejujurnya sangatlah tidak siap dan sangatlah malas. kenapa setiap gue udah merasa nyaman dengan suatu lingkungan, malah harus pindah dan mulai dari awal lagi? yaa namanya juga nasib deh. tapi sejujurnya gue belom merasakan feel mau kuliah, apalagi ngekos, karena gue akan ngekos juga. rasanya kayak masih sekolah aja. bangun pagi mepet-mepet, pake seragam, abis itu ketemu temen-temen yang udah dikenal. hmm tapi ya harus berusaha adaptasi lagi, mau ga mau.

Dan satu hal yang sangat berat untuk ditinggalkan adalah teman-teman. huhuhu sedih banget inget sebentar lagi akan pisah-pisah, dan emang udah ada yang pergi ke luar negri dan ke luar kota. raras, tetangga baik gue yang selalu bersedia memberikan tebengan mobil dan ngajarin berenang, udah ke bandung. dan sebentar lagi, tissa, teman menyebalkan yang sebenarnya kusayang (haha) mau ke jogja. dan ada banyak lagi temen-temen yang harus diucapkan salam perpisahan.

Sebenernya ga tau tujuan dari nulis post ini apa, cuma pengen berbagi cerita tentang perpisahan yang sbntr lagi terjadi. tapi ya udahlah ga usah terlalu dipikirin. friendship isn't about being unseparatable, but it's about being separate and nothing's changed.

Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

A Metamorphosis

A metamorphosis can be for better or for worse. like a butterfly, they turn good. from a dirty disgusting worm that every girl says eeeauuw everytime they see it, into a beautiful creature that every girl thinks it is a symbol of something nice and romantic. or maybe like Britney Spears. from a girl next-door, a non-stop mega hit singer, an adorable teenager that happened to be me and my sister's idol, into someone like her now. her career has come to an end,i suppose, or maybe just not as bright as hers at that time. so i guess it is for worse in Britney's case. and that happened since K-Fed came in to her life. isn't it obvious that boys are one of other reasons that can change a girl's life, but oftenly it is for worse.

this is Britney that i like

and this? it's like her anti-Britney

do i sound feminist?haa well i'm not.i just want to write about my thoughts, and it's about changes. everyone will change, won't them? and therefore, we should all be prepared. be prepared to face the changes in life. because like some random quote i know, one thing that stays forever is changes. i do change too, i can't tell it specifically but generally i change.

so if we don't know whether the changes that's going on in our life is for better or for worse, how do we know the way to make a good choice? well i guess we just don't know. we just have to do it, because change is natural, it happens all the time. so don't afraid to make a decision. because life will still go on, just get ready to face it.

Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Who Says That TV Can't Teach You?

That's right. even from a tv programme, you can always learn a lesson. take me for an example. until last year, i didn't know what i wanted to be. i mean, of course i wanna be a successfull person later, with great family too. but i had no idea what kind of job i wanted. then i watched grey's anatomy (a tv show about the doctors's life in a hospital). it made me want to be a doctor, which i never thought about it before. well, it is just an example.

Another example is American Idol. i always love this show. if you are the kind of person who thinks that this show is crap or an equation to junkfood, well you're wrong. this, i can guarantee, because i take a lesson from this show. a very good one, i suppose.

do you know the audition part in American Idol? that is it. from that part, i see a lot o people, and i mean a loooooaaadddd, who's willing to give everything, not just anything, but everything, to chase their dreams. they'd die for it. even a person with a really bad bad voice, he dares to hummilliate himself in front of the judges, and in front of million people too. just to chase that little tiny chance to get his actual dream.

so when i watch it, i realise that you have to chase your dream, even with a very very tiny chance that you will get it. never say you can't do something before you try it. because you never know your own ability to do something new. maybe you're born to do it. well, who knows right? so you better shout it out loud, that even if i'm a geek, i dare to dream big!

Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

do not waste your time!

When someone older than you say that time is money,it is the truth. here it is,something i've learned this year, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! and i had to pass some hard times just to learn it. i used to be that kind of person, a passive one i guess. i always hope and hope and hope that something great will happen to me, and sometimes it happens. but not this time. so i took a lesson from it, that if you want something, go get it! don't waste your time by just sitting around in your room thinking that you'll get it somehow. cause you won't, unless you try your best to have it.

well, but you still have to do one thing, never give up your hope!

Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009


my friend told me:
if you read a book,don't read the chapters.
the story will never ever change.
it stays the same.
Move On.

hmmmm well,thankyou for cheering me up after this kind of day. the bad day.

Jumat, 04 September 2009


just a piece of stuff i made when i was in a deep deep boredom

"oh my feet won't touch the ground
when i see you're comin around
please don't bring me down
won't you stay here with me safe and sound?"

hahha please don't think of me as a very "blue" person after you read that.

never mind

when i had a bad day,no matter what the reason was,i always wanted to go home.and today,i was having a really really bad day,and thank God, i was finally at home.not really at my house,but i mean with my friends.with my really really good friends,who i feel comfortable with.i don't need to talk about my problem,but they already make me forget about it.they really are my people.my favorites.and thanks to God,finally at the end of the day,i feel much happier than i've felt today.

Jumat, 28 Agustus 2009

the one thing i already miss

it is a way to get school's stuffs out of my head.
it is a way of having fun.
it is never boring.
it is something i would really love to do.
it is something that somehow become my hobby.
it is tiring,but i enjoy it.
it sometimes become the only reason i go to school.
it is something i always look forward to.
it always cheer me up.
and i miss it already


i've just realised,
when you want something to be happened perfectly,
then you pray to God to answer your pray
so it will come true,
sometimes He doesn't answer it the way you asked.
he answers it in a much better way
that you never expect before.

Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

awkward times

when i don't have anything to do, or when i have something to do but i just don't want to do it, usually i think.drowning into my thoughts,not deep thoughts.im not that kind of intelectual person,though i'll glad to be one.

one time, i think about all of the awkward moments i've been through.i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.for example,when you just meet someone new.sure it will be awkward after you say hello and you introduce yourself.then the water runs dry,and you will find yourself finding something to distract your attention.usually it's the mobile.

the other awkward moment is when you're with someone you know,but you don't know him/her well.you just know his/her name and then that's it.you try to find something to talk about,or you wait for him/her to talk first.usually a person like me will choose the second option.but this kind of thing maybe will lead somewhere.if you find something you both like,or you both hate,then the conversation will go on and on.then you'll find out later that you've found a new friend

the other type of awkward moment is the first date.well,maybe it just happen to some people.you know,when you first go out or even just walk together with someone you have a crush on.it could happen because you are so nervous to talk to someone you like,or it could be just because you don't have anything in common with that person,though you like him/her a lot.so it's kind of hard to find someone you really have common with and you like.so lucky you if you find that person.

well,im not intentionally make this blog to be a girly romantic blog,but if you find that my blog is like that and you don't think it's good or maybe you think it's crap,then pardon me.

Senin, 03 Agustus 2009

U is for you and me

Spongebob : What do you usually do when i'm gone?

Patrick : Waiting for you to come back

i do always love spongebob and patrick's friendship.and it's true that even from a sponge,we can always learn a lesson.

love is handing someone a gun and letting it point to your head, believing that he won't pull the trigger (spongebob squarepants)

Senin, 27 Juli 2009

bye bye black bird!

Dillinger (to Billie) :"You ain't going nowhere. I'm gonna die an old man in your arms. We're too good for 'em. They ain't tough enough, smart enough or fast enough. I can hit any bank I want, any time. They got to be at every bank, all the time. That's why we're on top of the world. Ain't nobody can lay a glove on us. No ... I ain't going nowhere. Neither are you. What you got to say about that?"

hahaa gue baru nonton public enemies nih, dan jadi pengen aja nulis di blog gara-gara pengen berbagi cerita tentang si johnny depp a.k.a john dillinger.

sebenernya cerita filmnya biasa aja,karena udah banyak yg ceritanya kayak gitu,tapi katanya ini based on a true story lho.jadi ada si pencuri bank yang udah mahir banget,namanya john dillinger. terus dia punya pacar gitu,udah gitu dia dikejar2 polisi kan pastinya,makanya judul filmnya public enemies.tapiiiii meskipun doi penjahat karena dia nyuri uang, tapi dia baik gitu. karena dia sangat loyal sama teman2nya,dan dia juga ga pernah ngebunuh orang.daaan dia juga sering so sweet gitu sama ceweknya.hahahaa

salah satu adegan favorit gue,yang pasti banyak orang juga suka adalah waktu si john ngajak ceweknya pergi bareng dia buat kayak travelling gitu, terus cewenya ngomong kalo dia ga tau apa-apa tentang john dillinger,makanya dia ga mau ikut sama si john.lalu dia ngomong gini

john : I like baseball, movies, good clothes, whiskey, fast cars... and you. What else you need to know?

setelah si dillinger ngomong gitu,ceweknya luluh deh!pokoknya gara2 nonton film ini,gue tambah suka deh sama johnny depp.meskipun sbnrnya gue udah lama mengidolakan dia,tapi skrg jadi tambah tergila-gila.padahal perannya aneh-aneh,jadi bajak laut bau ga pernah mandi dan selalu keliatan kayak mabuklah,atau jadi willy wonka yang aneh gitu, atau jadi pembunuh psikopatlah,tetep aja keren.


Jumat, 26 Juni 2009

poor poor smelly cat

Beberapa hari yang lalu,pas gue pulang ke rumah,gue menemukan seekor kucing yang memiris hati.jadi gini ceritanya,kan gue abis pergi tuh,terus pas gue buka pagar rumah gue,di halaman rumah gue ada kucing kampung yang lagi duduk.sebenernya gue sering nemuin kucing yang lagi asik duduk dan istirahat di halaman rumah gue,tapi ga pernah ada kucing kampung yang lebih kampung lagi daripada kucing yang ini.pas gue ngeliat tuh kucing,gue langsung mikir ih kasian banget deh ni kucing,kurus kering gitu.udah gitu,gue jongkok tuh buat ngeliat si kucing lebih deket,eh ternyata bulu-bulunya udah kering gitu,kayak agak jingkrak gitu,ga tau deh kenapa.terus mukanya melas banget deh!matanya kayak berbelek gitu,dan di idungnya ada item-item gitu.kayak bekas nyium ban kali ya?hahah ga tau juga deh.biasanya kalo gue ngeliat kucing kampung,ga pernah sekampung ini (kucingnya maksudnya).kalo gue nemuin kucing kampung yang masih rada bersih dan rada lucu,gue berani-berani aja ngelus kucing itu.tapi kalo kucing yang ini,jangankan ngelus,ngeliat matanya aja gue rada ngeri.abis berbelek gitu.udah gitu kasian banget lagi mukanya,melas gitu.pas gue ngeliat,kasiaaaaannnn banget deh.akhirnya gue berpikiran buat ngasih makan tuh kucing,abisnya tampang kucingnya itu lhooo kayak udah menderita banget.heheee.pas gue di dapur,kan gue nyari-nyari ikan atau ayam,eh tapinya ga ada.adanya daging doang,yaudah gue kasih aja dagingnya,daripada ga dikasih apa-apa.awalnya dagingnya gue taro di halaman,deket kucingnya.biar dia sadar kalo ada daging di depan dia.eh dia diem aja!dia ngeliatin daging dan gue bergiliran gitu.kayaknya dia lagi mikir,aman apa ga dagingnya dimakan sekarang.terus gue diem aja kan ngeliatin dia.ternyata dia ngerti juga kayaknya kalo gue bukan orang jahat,hahaa,akhirnya dagingnya dimakan deh sama si kucing.
terus pas besoknya gue ceritain ke kakak gue,dia bilang kalo dia juga tau kucing itu,terus dia juga bilang kalo kayaknya penyebab bulu kucing itu jingkrak2 gitu adalah gara-gara dia sering disirem air panas.aaaaaaaaaahhhhh kasian banget kan?kok tetangga-tetangga gue pada tega banget sih sama si kucing kampung ini.emang sih nyokap gue juga suka kesel kalo ada kucing yang main langsung masuk ke dapur terus suka nyuri makanan gitu,tapi ga pernah tuh disirem air panas.diusir dikit juga biasanya kucingnya langsung kabur!gue heran banget kenapa tega gitu nyirem kucing kampung bermuka melas dengan air panas.kan dia mau makan jugaaa.
terus baru tadi pas gue turun ke halaman rumah gue,ada kucing itu lagi.dia lagi duduk diem aja di bawah mobil gue (spot favorit kucing kampung ga sih?).udah gitu gue foto aja tuh kucing sebagai bukti buat blog,untungnya dia diem aja ga berkutik gitu,hehee.terus gue ke dapur lagi nih,nyari makanan buat doi.eh beruntung banget tuh kucing,ada ikan pepes sama ayam goreng.gue kasih aja ke dia.tapi dia tetep ga berkutik gitu,mungkin dia malu-malu kali ya,namanya juga kucing!suka malu-malu kucing kan?hmm kasian banget deh tuh kucing.makanya jangan suka jahat-jahat ya sama kucing kampung.emang sih kucing kadang suka nyebelin,tapi dia kan tinggal diusir juga ntar kabur.pokoknya jangan suka menganiaya hewan deh,ntar kena getahnya lhoo.

ini dia si poor poor smelly cat

tuh kasian kan,kurus kering gitu

kelihatan ga,idungnya item
dan bulunya kering?

Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

friend first

there is a girl,she likes someone she doesn't know.well,she knows his name,his class,his friends,but she doesn't know him,yet.she says - one glance was all it took - it took her mind,not her heart,yet (maybe).but she hopes someday she could really know him,at least she could be his friend.even though it sounds pathetic,but perhaps that's the truth.so she starts to wonder,when will the perfect situation comes?a perfect situation to start a conversation naturally,just as a friend.because she believes it has to be a friend first,then it will lead somewhere,somewhere that she hopes it will be a perfect end for both of them.but it never comes to her.everytime she passes him by,she only glance at him,one glance,and then that's it.he glances back at her,and the moment passed.it's not the perfect situation,yet.after all,it just like she says,one glance was all it took.and it's much too late for her to take a second look.cause he already passed by.

*not based on a true story

Senin, 15 Juni 2009

the greatest bonfire

i've just had my best bonfire in my life.i've experienced bonfire several times,once in my elementary school,once in my junior high,and three times in my high school.and the latest bonfire i've had,is the most memorable one so far.

it's not because it just happened recently,but it's because it is the moment when practically everybody in that place shared their thoughts,their stories,and their feelings(hehe) at that time.and another one good reason is that's the bonfire that my friends made,it's not made by my teachers,or by someone i don't know,it's made by my friends and i mean this literally.

we made it since it just the woods untill the fire came up,and i must say that it's not easy.first,it was raining.so,we had to wait till the rain stopped.then,we gathered around and tried to light up the fire.when we poured the gas,there was just a little fire,not the big fire like our wish.so we tried to find another thing to light up the fire even more.we used dito's axe-it's a perfume-,but still it's too little.we can't call it bonfire if it was just that little.then there we were,trying to find another thing.we burned tissues but nothing happened.we almost canceled the bonfire,and we said such things like "katanya anak ipa,tapi ga tau cara nyalain api" or "aduh coba bisa kayak hermione,bisa nyalain api terus dibawa2 di botol".some of us were dissapointed when the fire didn't work,so we kept trying to light it up.

then i had an idea,maybe a stupid one,but i didn't care,so i said to my friends "eh kalo minyak kayu putih bisa ga?".then my friends laughed,i already predicted it.but one of them asked me to took it.so i took it,and i handed it over to my friend.he poured a little of it first and kabooooom,the fire was bigger than ever,but still not big enough.we "hurrraaaaaayed",well at least we found thing that could light it up.and then my friend do the stupid thing.he threw the bottle away!i mean,we still need it to light up the fire because the fire wasn't big enough.and there was more in the bottle to make the fire bigger,but he threw the bottle away,so then we didn't have anything to light it up.hahahaha get it?

after that,we all had no idea anymore.in that desperation to make a bonfire,my friend had an idea.he took his skybattle towel and he twisted it around and around.and then there it was,slowly but sure the fire became bigger and bigger.so we "hurrraaaaaayyeeed" again now that we could make a bonfire.and it turns out to be my most favorite and memorable bonfire in my life.

so after that,we woke up some of our friends who were still asleep,it was about midnight i guess,i didn't remember the time percistly.so i sang "wake up everyone,how can you sleep at time like this?" to my friends who were still asleep.i know i didn't have a good voice-i admit it- and maybe that was why they were awake.hahahaha.

then,we gathered around the bonfire and shared our thoughts.thoughts about our class,our friends,and our experience,and also some of my friends took pictures.one by one,my friends talked about how they felt about our class,including me.i also told them how happy i was to be in this class.and i was surprised by some of them,because it was almost everybody that was in that place shared their stories.and i guess,it was their really really deep and true feelings.for example,i never thought that one of them was scared of not being accepted by us.i never knew it,untill then.so we talked along,untill it was about 3 in the morning.the time just run so fast when you're happy.after that we sang a song together.oh ya,i wanna tell you that some of my friends,when they were talking,they cried..so i guess,it was really really one moment that was so precious to share.i really wanted to cry too,but i couldn't.i was laughing sooooo out loud with my friend,tissa.i didn't know why we were laughing while the others were crying,but it just happened.hahahah i guess,we always find something to be laughed about.after that,we sang a song.it was "ingatlah hari ini" by project pop.heeem,it was a moment in my life that felt like a movie.and there it was,tissa and i cried.while everybody stopped crying,we cried.hahahah i do not know why.and it just felt like a movie again,when somehow after we sang that song,the fire burned down.ahhahauah can you call it a coincidence?don't think so.

well,that's all.that is my greatest,my best,my most favourite,and most memorable bonfire ever in my life.

*thankyou all for giving me that precious moment to share

*and sorry for my terrible english hehehe

Minggu, 14 Juni 2009

bring back my bonnies to me

to my dearest class,XI IPA 1,i made this one especially for all of you.

whhheeheeeeeeewww!gue baru kira kira satu jam yang lalu balik dari puncak.kan ada acara perpisahan kelas gitu deeeeeh.dan wwwhoaa ternyata seru sekaliii!meskipun mungkin kalo lo satu sekolah sama gue,dan melihat kondisi kelas gue dari waktu ke waktu,lo akan melihat betapa suramnya kelas gue.kayaknya kelas gue itu THE REAL IPA dibanding kelas2 ipa yg lain.pelajaran pa nasuki,sibuk ngerjain soal.pelajaran pak arifin,hening kayak kuburan (bingung kan,kok bisa bisanya pelajaran pa arifin hening?).pelajaran pak yusuf,tetep aja masih hening,tapi itu sih paling gara2 yang ngajar dia,dia kan punya suatu efek yang membuat orang-orang yang dengerin dia pas dia lagi ngomong,diserang rasa kantuk yang ruaaaar biasa.dan yaah mungkin emang begitu,tapi ga apa apa kok.karena ada sesuatu yang jauh lebih penting dari itu semua.hewheewwhew,kayaknya gue bakal kangeeen banget sama kelas gue yang ini.sebenernya kelas gue biasa aja,bukan kelas yang paling ribut (pastinya),bukan kelas yang paling heboh,bukan kelas yang paling berisik,bukan kelas yang paling paling paling deh pokoknya.tapi ga tau kenapa dan ga tau sejak kapan,gue mulai sukaaaaa banget sama kelas gue, meskipun kadang yaaa suka kesel kesel juga dikitlah sama beberapa orang,tapi kan itu wajarlah yaa.sebenernya ga usah jadi kelas yang paling berisik atau kelas yang paling heboh buat bikin lo merasa nyaman di kelas lo,tapi yang dibutuhkan itu sebenernyaaaaa apa ya,gue sendiri juga ga tau hehehee.gue pun ga pernah kepikiran sebelumnya kalo gue bisa ngerasa nyaman dan ngerasa bakal kangen sama kelas gue ini,yang penuh dengan orang-orang aneh yang bener-bener aneh maksud gue.freak mungkin lebih tepat.tapi sebenernya semua orang itu freak sih,ga ada yang ga freak.tapi ternyata dari waktu ke waktu,setelah mengalami banyak hal yang bikin gue kenal sama anak-anak di kelas gue,gue jadi semakin suka sama mereka(bener lhooo kata pepatah,tak kenal maka tak sayang.uehueuuahua hanya sekedar intermezo saja).dan sekarang setelah gue sadar gue telah melewatkan waktu satu tahun bareng mereka semua yang freak dengan cara mereka masing-masing,gue jadi pengen lagi sekelas sama mereka semua.tanpa terkecuali lhoo.(sekedar intermezo lagi,ternyata bener juga kata pepatah yang lain,you'll never know what you got till it's gone,heheheuha).ohya terus ada satu hal lagi yang bikin gue ngerasa dua hari di puncak bareng mereka yang baru saja gue lewatkan,adalah dua hari yang udah ngasih banyaaaaak banget cerita cerita baru ke hidup gue.hal itu adalah kita sebenernya punya beberapa tempat tujuan yang niatnya pengen kita datengin pas lagi di puncak,salah duanya (heheh bener ga sih) adalah pergi ke curuk dan cimori.tapi ternyata ga jadi karena berbagai macam alasan.daaan ternyata dengan kita cuma di main-main di villanya prilly aja,udah nyenengin banget.meskipun kerjaannya tuh kalo ga nonton dvd serem yang bikin rumah penuh dengan orang-orang yang jejeritan,main ayunan sampe mabok(gara-gara tissa,ngajakin main ayunan dari matahari belom terbit sampe mataharinya udah tinggi),berenang sampe menggigil,bbq-an sampe perut mau meledak gara-gara stok daging yang superduper banyak,ngabisin cemilan(khusus buat ini gue ga ikutan,biangnya tuh sebenernya intan),main sama si kelinci yang ternyata manja sama semua orang yang baru kita beli,main twister sampe paha kram(i mean this literally), atau cuma duduk-duduk di teras aja ga membuat kita bosen sama sekali.you can find fun everywhere,as long as you get your best buddy anywhere(hahahahha itu baru kata-kata yang gue bikin sendiri).tapi bener kan?mau ngapain aja,kalo ngelakuinnya bareng temen-temen lo,pasti bakal kerasa berkali-kali lipat menyenangkannya dibanding kalo ngelakuinnya sendirian.yaaah pokoknya juntrungan dari semua hal yang gue tulis kali ini adalah gue sayaaaang sekali sama kelas gue.

somewhere between all our laughs,long talks,stupid little fights,and all our jokes,we became good good friends

Senin, 08 Juni 2009

listen with your heart

i'm not saying that i'm the biggest fan of john mayer,but check out these meaningful lyrics from a song that called "daughters"..

I know a girl
She puts the color inside of my world
She's just like a maze
Where all of the walls all continually change
And I've done all I can
To stand on her steps with my heart in my hands
Now I'm starting to see
Maybe it's got nothing to do with me
Fathers be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters too
Oh, you see that skin?
It's the same she's been standing in
Since the day she saw him walking away
Now she's left
Cleaning up the mess he made
Fathers be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters too
Boys, you can break
You'll find out how much they can take
Boys will be strong
And boys soldier on
But boys would be gone without warmth from
A woman's good, good heart
On behalf of every man
Looking out for every girl
You are the god and the weight of her world
So fathers be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters, too
So mothers be good to your daughters, too
So mothers be good to your daughters, too
nice job,john mayer.

Rabu, 03 Juni 2009


ayeeo i'm tired of this technology,i need you right here in front of me.

tiba tiba lagu ini terngiang di kepala gue,semuanya asal muasalnya gara gara keluarga gue.begini ceritanya.kan gue lagi main internet dari tadi,dari sore sampai sekarang ampe kepala pusing mau muntah tapi tetep aja ga berhenti berhenti main.sementara kakak gue yang baru pulang langsung ke kamarnya setel radio,udah gitu dia keluar nyalain teve.kalo nyokap gue sih lagi di kamarnya gatau ngerjain apaan.pokoknya kalo lagi jam jam segini biasanya nyokap gue lagi sibuk berkutat dengan kertas kertas gitu deh,kayaknya sih tagihan2 listrik,air,dan sebagainya.dan kalo bokap gue lagi main bulutangkis.terus lagu ini bikin gue mikir,apa gara-gara teknologi yaa keluarga gue jadi sibuk dengan urusannya masing-masing sendiri?contohnya gue yang lagi make internet,kan internet perkembangan teknologi.kakak gue,dengerin radio abis itu nonton tv,teknologi juga.nyokap gue,sibuk ngurusin tagihan listrik,teknologi juga kan.palingan cuma bokap gue yang lagi asik main bulutangkis yang ga make teknologi.tapi abis main bulutangkis biasanya dia langsung nonton starsports atau ga film2 di trans tv,teknologi juga kan?terus kapan dong waktu buat keluarga?waktu yang seharusnya kita habiskan bareng keluarga.ga kerasa waktunya habis buat kesibukan kita sendiri-sendiri atau gara-gara teknologi.

pagi pagi,bangun,mandi,terus siap-siap ke sekolah.pulang sekolahnya sore,abis itu kalo ga sibuk ngurusin buat sekolah palingan main internet atau nonton tv,terus tidur deh.bangun2 kayak gitu lagi.waktu buat keluarganya mana?bukannya gue anak yang kurang dapet perhatian atau apa ya,tapi gue jadi mikir aja.bukan mikir yang berat berat sih,cuma kepikiran aja sedikit,dan ini semua kepikiran gara-gara si lagu justin.ternyata bukan lagu atau hal-hal yang berat aja kan yang bisa bikin kita mikir,tapi lagu rap aja bisa bikin kita mikir.terus gue jadi inget waktu gue TO,gara gara ga boleh ada komputer,tv,atau bahkan sekedar hp pun,jadinya kalo lagi ga ada kerjaan (yang biasanya sangat jarang sekali terjadi pas TO) kita cuma bisa ngobrol,ngobrol,dan ngobrol sama temen serumah.yaaah meskipun kesannya kok menderita banget,tapi seru juga lho kalo dipikir-pikir.


a story to share

heeey!i wanna share my story about my bestfriend.she is a great friend of mine,she is someone that i practically grew up together with.i've made friends with her since i was in kindergarten untill in junior high.she's like my sister to me.but even the closest sibling argue with each other sometimes.that happens to me too.we've argued soooo many times till i can't count,from the little arguement till the huuuugggeeee one.but still i knew that in the end of the day (or the week sometimes) we would be friends again,no matter what.even though there's no apology from either of us,but still we'd be friends again,it just came natural you know.that happens when you know someone sooo well,that it makes you and her/him don't need an apology to make up.right?

but now we go to the different schools.and sometimes,distance and time can change your relationship.i haven't met her since a couple of months ago,and now i miss her.yeah,i do.loosing someone you usually spend your days with,gonna remind you all of the small things you've been through with her/him.even though the thing you remember's just a simple one.for example,i remember when i and she went to the cinema together but we watched different movie.i watched harry potter3,and she watched spiderman2.remember when those movies were in the cinema at the same time?that was when it happened.i am a harry potter big fan,and she is a spiderman's.so instead of watching it together,we decided to watch different movie.simple,but it makes you remember.

you know the quote that says "boys come and go,but friends stay"?(i don't know the exact quote,but at least that's the point).i think the right one for me is many people come and go in your life,but only true friend will leave the footprints in your heart.hahahhaa cheesy yea?but it's true,well at least for me.


Selasa, 02 Juni 2009


hellooow!ini pertama kalinya gue bikin blog lhoo.kenapa gue bisa kepikiran buat bikin blog juga ga tau yaaa..ketularan dari yang lain kali yea.tapi berhubung baru pertama kali nulis,jadi belom expert2 banget nulisnya,makanya maklum aja deh kalo tulisannya membosankan atau ga semenarik yang lain.yaaah udah biasa itu sih.hahuahua.udah gitu jangan heran yaa kalo judulnya inggris tapi gue nulisnya pake bahasa indonesia.yaah ga apa apalah ya,kan orang indonesia,jadi pakenya bahasa indonesia bukan bahasa inggris.

sebenernya ga ada yang mau diceritain juga sih,palingan cuma mau cerita kalo gue udah main THESIMS3 yeaaaaaaahhhh!daaan yang harus gue bilang adalah....biasa aja sebenernya.padahal tadinya gue udah mengharapkan sesuatu yang sangat spektakuler gitu pas main,taunya biasa aja.kayak the sims 2 gitu cuma lebih bervariasi aja.tapi sebenernya sih seru seru aja,cumaaaaa komputernya harus yang ram nya gede!kira kira 2 giga gitu menurut iman satrya putra the master of computer2an gitu.sementara komputer yang waktu itu gue pake(laptopnya syifa) sangatlah minim ramnya.engga juga sih,biasa aja sebenernya.jadinya loadingnya lamaaaaaa banget,sampe akhirnya gara gara gue sama syifa bosen nungguin,akhirnya kita makan dulu dech.yaah,tapi kalo masih penasaran yaaa coba aja sendiri