Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

awkward times

when i don't have anything to do, or when i have something to do but i just don't want to do it, usually i think.drowning into my thoughts,not deep thoughts.im not that kind of intelectual person,though i'll glad to be one.

one time, i think about all of the awkward moments i've been through.i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.for example,when you just meet someone new.sure it will be awkward after you say hello and you introduce yourself.then the water runs dry,and you will find yourself finding something to distract your attention.usually it's the mobile.

the other awkward moment is when you're with someone you know,but you don't know him/her well.you just know his/her name and then that's it.you try to find something to talk about,or you wait for him/her to talk first.usually a person like me will choose the second option.but this kind of thing maybe will lead somewhere.if you find something you both like,or you both hate,then the conversation will go on and on.then you'll find out later that you've found a new friend

the other type of awkward moment is the first date.well,maybe it just happen to some people.you know,when you first go out or even just walk together with someone you have a crush on.it could happen because you are so nervous to talk to someone you like,or it could be just because you don't have anything in common with that person,though you like him/her a lot.so it's kind of hard to find someone you really have common with and you like.so lucky you if you find that person.

well,im not intentionally make this blog to be a girly romantic blog,but if you find that my blog is like that and you don't think it's good or maybe you think it's crap,then pardon me.

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