Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

A Metamorphosis

A metamorphosis can be for better or for worse. like a butterfly, they turn good. from a dirty disgusting worm that every girl says eeeauuw everytime they see it, into a beautiful creature that every girl thinks it is a symbol of something nice and romantic. or maybe like Britney Spears. from a girl next-door, a non-stop mega hit singer, an adorable teenager that happened to be me and my sister's idol, into someone like her now. her career has come to an end,i suppose, or maybe just not as bright as hers at that time. so i guess it is for worse in Britney's case. and that happened since K-Fed came in to her life. isn't it obvious that boys are one of other reasons that can change a girl's life, but oftenly it is for worse.

this is Britney that i like

and this? it's like her anti-Britney

do i sound feminist?haa well i'm not.i just want to write about my thoughts, and it's about changes. everyone will change, won't them? and therefore, we should all be prepared. be prepared to face the changes in life. because like some random quote i know, one thing that stays forever is changes. i do change too, i can't tell it specifically but generally i change.

so if we don't know whether the changes that's going on in our life is for better or for worse, how do we know the way to make a good choice? well i guess we just don't know. we just have to do it, because change is natural, it happens all the time. so don't afraid to make a decision. because life will still go on, just get ready to face it.

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