Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Who Says That TV Can't Teach You?

That's right. even from a tv programme, you can always learn a lesson. take me for an example. until last year, i didn't know what i wanted to be. i mean, of course i wanna be a successfull person later, with great family too. but i had no idea what kind of job i wanted. then i watched grey's anatomy (a tv show about the doctors's life in a hospital). it made me want to be a doctor, which i never thought about it before. well, it is just an example.

Another example is American Idol. i always love this show. if you are the kind of person who thinks that this show is crap or an equation to junkfood, well you're wrong. this, i can guarantee, because i take a lesson from this show. a very good one, i suppose.

do you know the audition part in American Idol? that is it. from that part, i see a lot o people, and i mean a loooooaaadddd, who's willing to give everything, not just anything, but everything, to chase their dreams. they'd die for it. even a person with a really bad bad voice, he dares to hummilliate himself in front of the judges, and in front of million people too. just to chase that little tiny chance to get his actual dream.

so when i watch it, i realise that you have to chase your dream, even with a very very tiny chance that you will get it. never say you can't do something before you try it. because you never know your own ability to do something new. maybe you're born to do it. well, who knows right? so you better shout it out loud, that even if i'm a geek, i dare to dream big!

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