Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

a story to share

heeey!i wanna share my story about my bestfriend.she is a great friend of mine,she is someone that i practically grew up together with.i've made friends with her since i was in kindergarten untill in junior high.she's like my sister to me.but even the closest sibling argue with each other sometimes.that happens to me too.we've argued soooo many times till i can't count,from the little arguement till the huuuugggeeee one.but still i knew that in the end of the day (or the week sometimes) we would be friends again,no matter what.even though there's no apology from either of us,but still we'd be friends again,it just came natural you know.that happens when you know someone sooo well,that it makes you and her/him don't need an apology to make up.right?

but now we go to the different schools.and sometimes,distance and time can change your relationship.i haven't met her since a couple of months ago,and now i miss her.yeah,i do.loosing someone you usually spend your days with,gonna remind you all of the small things you've been through with her/him.even though the thing you remember's just a simple one.for example,i remember when i and she went to the cinema together but we watched different movie.i watched harry potter3,and she watched spiderman2.remember when those movies were in the cinema at the same time?that was when it happened.i am a harry potter big fan,and she is a spiderman's.so instead of watching it together,we decided to watch different movie.simple,but it makes you remember.

you know the quote that says "boys come and go,but friends stay"?(i don't know the exact quote,but at least that's the point).i think the right one for me is many people come and go in your life,but only true friend will leave the footprints in your heart.hahahhaa cheesy yea?but it's true,well at least for me.


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  1. revaaaaaaaaa gue nangis va beneran demi Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah huhu gue terlalu kangen sama lo vaaaaaa :'( I miss you too much

  2. huhuhuhu i miss you too mal!pokoknya kita keep in touch lagi harus harus